Whiskey Professor Quiz

Whiskey Professor Quiz

  1. What criteria does a whiskey have to meet to be labeled “Bottled In Bond”?
  2. Founded in 1855 by George Garvin Brown’s half brother (of Brown-Foreman), what does the  “J.T.S.” stand for on J.T.S. Brown label?
  3. What is the only brand of bourbon produced and sold before, during, and after prohibition, and all under the same ownership?
  4. How is Corn Whisky different from bourbon?
  5. What is the first cocktail known to use bourbon as the spirit and not just “whisky, and also has it’s own glass named after it?
  6. Who was the #1 distiller in the United States in 1798 of 11,000 gallons of rye whisky?
  7. Which 4 modern day distillers created the first Single Barrel and Small Batch bourbons that revitalized the bourbon category in the 1980’s?
  8. What are the 3 general grain bills of bourbon?
  9. What defines High Rye Bourbon?
  10. Can Bourbon contain more than 80% in the mash bill, and still be classified as a bourbon?
  11. What term on a label means that the product must follow all the laws of bourbon, can only add water
    or other bourbon to it, and must be at least 2 years old?
  12. Which iconic bourbon drink has it’s own glass/cup named after it, and is responsible for the invention of the straw?
  13. What drink was created for Lady Randolf (Jenny Jerome-Winston Churchill’s mother, when she hosted an event for Presidential Candidate Samuel Tildon in New York?
  14. True or False…Bourbon must be made in Kentucky to be true straight bourbon.
  15. What was bourbon named after?




  1. At least 4 years old, exactly 100 proof, from a single distillery and from barrels put up in one season
  2. John Thompson Street Brown
  3. Old Forester
  4. Must be aged in un-charred new oak, or used charred oak.
  5. The Old Fashioned
  6. George Washington
  7. Parker Beam Heaven Hill, Booker Noe – Jim Beam, Elmer T. Lee – Ancient Age, JimmyRussell – Wild Turkey.
  8. Traditional Bourbon, High Rye Bourbon , and Wheat Bourbon
  9. Bernie Lubbers in “Bourbon Whiskey-Our Native Spirit” defines High Rye Bourbon at 18% or more of rye in the Mash Bill.
  10. YES, as long as it follows all the laws of bourbon, it could be 100% corn!
  12. Mint Julep, the official drink of the  Kentucky Derby.
  13. The Manhattan
  14. False, under the TTB Standards of Identity,  bourbon must be made in the U.S.
  15. The French Royal family, the Bourbon’s…for their help in the Revolutionary War.  Bourbon Street was named after the same Royal family.


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