Where To Buy Bourbon When You Visit Kentucky & the Distilleries

Some Good Package Liquor Stores For  When You Visit The Bourbon Trail…and you will visit!

So you’re in Kentucky visiting distilleries, and you’d like to go purchase some bourbon to take back with you? Where do you go? Also, you’re in Kentucky, so certainly there’s some bourbons you can only get here, and not where you’re from. Knob Creek and Old Grand Dad are my 2 favorites, but you can certainly get those most every where you live.

The Bourbon Capital of the World

You’ll drive right through Bardstown when you go to visit Heaven Hill, Thomas Moore, Independent Stave Cooperage, or Maker’s Mark, so you might as well stop off and get some great bourbons you can only find here in the Bourbon Capital of the World. And don’t forget to visit Bardstown during Bourbon Festival which is always the third weekend in September.

Stores in Bardstown

Toddy’s – 100 S. 4th St. 40004 502.348.1444 This was Toddy Beam’s Store (name sound familiar?) and it’s a small ‘lil store in downtown Bardstown that is just chocked FULL of bourbon…as well it should being in the bourbon capital of the world.

Liquor World – 93 N. Salem Dr 40004 (just off Hwy 245) 502.349.7560. This store is a little larger and just has more of what Toddy’s carry’s.

Kroger’s – 102 W. John Rowan Blvd (Hwy 245) at (N. 3rd St.) 40004 502.348.2977
Smack dab on Hwy 245 which you’ll take to get to Heaven Hill and Maker’s Mark most likely.

Stores in Louisville

If you’re staying in Louisville you’ll most likely be staying downtown and then venturing out to grab a bit to eat in the Highlands, or out East, so here are the stores that will be close by there. Stores in Louisville sometimes tend to be bigger. You’ll just get a kick out of just how BIG the bourbon spreads are in the stores. Some even have categories of bourbon sectioned off. You’ll be in bourbon heaven.


Theater Square Marketplace – 651 S. 4th Street, Just behind the Brown Hotel. It’s a small store, but there’s a cool market, bagel shop, and damn nice restaurant there. George and Eric own the place. It’s a great store, and one of the few that’s located right in the heart of downtown.

Taste Fine Wines and Bourbon – 634 E. Market (NuLu) 502-409-4646 You can buy wine and bourbon by the bottle, case, or taste…thus the name. Great selection, and Paul is the owner there, and he’s a member of the Louisville Bourbon Society as well. Convenient for anyone staying downtown.


Old Town Liquors – 1529 Bardstown Road – 502.451.8591. It’s just about 2.5 miles from downtown in the heart of the Highlands, which is where you’ll probably be going to eat anyway. Gordo owns the place, and he’s known for his wine selection, but he carries a nice bourbon selection there too. Bring your dog, he’s always got a water dish out and treats for your pooch.

Karem Deebs – Morris’ Deli – 2228 Taylorsville Road 502.458.1668 (Just bear to the left off Bardstown and Trevillian at the McDonald’s) Karem Deebs is the favorite store of my good friends Paul and Amber Halloran. It’s in the Lake Side area of town, just a couple miles down Bardstown Road just over the Highlands. Morris’ Deli there has some of the best country ham sandwiches, so make a lunch date of it. It’s a small store too, but have a decent bourbon selection, and it’s close to downtown hotels.

These next stores are larger stores with bigger bourbon spreads.

East End

Liquor Barn St. Matthews – 4301 Shelbyville Rd. 40207 502.897.7773. Baker runs this store and he’s a bourbon nut. He has selected several barrels of Knob Creek, Four Roses, and others for his own personal single barrel selections. You can also get growlers of Falls City Beer (the beer that my dad worked at for 45 years, and my grand father was one of the 13 saloon keepers that founded it in 1905).

Party Mart – 4808 Brownsboro Rd. 40207 502.895.4446 – Jerry Rogers owns the place, and he’s a wine guy from way back, but loves his bourbon. He’s got a great bourbon spread, and you’ll find some great bourbons you can only get here in Kentucky. Jerry also has a Bonded bourbon section so you know that is awesome for me, and should be for you. Party Mart is located about 15 min drive from downtown, but it’s worth the ride.

Westport Whiskey & Wine – 1115 Herr Lane 40222 502.708.1313 This is in the ….my buddy Chris Zaborowski owner/operator and he’s really in to education. They host regular spirits/wine educations there, and myself and other ambassadors and master distillers have all done several tastings here. Chris and his staff are very educated and helpful and can set you up with some great bourbons you can only get here in Kentucky.

Liquor Barns Louisville – Voted the best package store for whisk[e]y in the U.S.A. for 2012 Whisky Magazine’s Icons of Whisky Awards. These are large box stores with awesome selections, and great cheeses, and all kinds of specialty foods. Your jaw will drop from the bourbon spreads here, and they have all kinds of Knob Creek, and other great single barrel selections that Brad has picked out himself.

3 locations:

Fern Valley – 3420 Fern Valley Rd 40213 – (**on the way to and from Bardstown and distilleries off I-65 Fern Valley exit) 502.968.1666.

Hurstbourne – 1850 S. Hurstbourne Pkwy 40220 502.491.0753
Springhurst – 4301 Towne Center Drive 40241 – (Westport Rd at I-265). 502.491.0753.

Evergreen Liquors – 12017 Shelbyville Rd. 40243. 502.244.1957. If you go out to the Village Anchor on the Urban Bourbon Trail, you’ll be right near this store. I like it because they only put bourbons in their bourbon section, not Jack, Crown, or SoCo, just bourbons, and they also have a dedicated Bonded Bourbon Section.

Stores in Lexington

Liquor Barns – 3 locations. Icons of Whisky 2012 Award Winner (Best of U.S.A.)

Hamburg Pavillion – 1837 Plaudit Pl. 40509 (at Man O’ War Blvd) – 859.294.5700
Harrodsburg Rd..- 921 Beaumont Centre Pkwy 40513 (at New Circle Rd) – 859.223.1400
Richmond Rd – 3040 Richmond Rd. 40509 – 859.269.4170

Thoroughbred Shop – 2005 Versailles Rd. 40504 859.254.038 (We pronounce that “Ver-sayles” Rd. Thoroughbred Shop is Icons of Whisky 2012 award winner (Highly Commended U.S.A.) They always have a great selection of bourbons, some that are not stocked at other stores. Handy location for when you are visiting Buffalo Trace Distillery and Woodford Reserve.

Red Dot Liquors – 1139 U.S. 127 Frankfort, KY 40601 – 502.223.5054. My buddy Michael at Silver Dollar says stopping here is never a disappointment when it comes to bourbons that are either hard to come by, or stuff that’s new, different, and whatever.

Northern Kentucky

Party Source – Bellvue Kentucky right on the River…One of the largest stores in the country!  This is an awesome store with a kitchen in it that rivals the Food Network!

Some bourbons you should look at that you can usually only get here in Kentucky:

Old Grand Dad 114

Henry McKenna – Single Barrel Bottled In Bond

Heaven Hill 6 year Bonded

J.T.S. Brown

Old Fitzgerald 12 year old

Old Fitzgerald Bonded

Old Fitzgerald 1849

Ancient Ancient Age 10 yr.

Old Charter 8 and 10 year

Parker’s Heritage Collection

Elijah Craig 20 year old (only available at Heaven Hill Visitors Center)

Col. Edmund H Taylor Bottled In Bond

Angel’s Envy

TW Samuels

Town Branch

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  1. Howdy!

    Fighting Cock is available here in Quebec, so I would presume that it is distributed elsewhere.


    But I hope that it would be cheaper down there.

  2. Liquor World in Bardstown is a great store! Tremendous selection and very competitive prices. The best place to shop for Bourbon that I have seen so far.

  3. Old Grand Dad 114
    Henry McKenna – Single Barrel Bottled In Bond
    and Angels Envy
    are available in New Jersey and I believe, nationwide.

  4. paul hessling // May 7, 2015 at 3:47 pm // Reply

    I live in northern ky and am looking for a bourbon that is only sold in ky

    • Heaven Hill 6 Year Bottled in Bond (KY and IN only)
      Heaven Hill 6 year 90 proof (KY only)
      Old Fitzgerald Bonded and Gold Labels (KY ONLY)

  5. Came across your information. Do you have any idea where I may be able to purchase a Maker’s Mark Seattle Slew bottle?

    Thank you for your time.

    • Those bottles sell out fast. You can find on some exchange sites and secondary markets, or ebay or craigs list, but the secondary market can be a little crazy these days. I’d beware.

  6. I tasted a bourbon at Jim Beam Stillhouse yesterday and can’t remember the name; it’s not shown on their website, even though it was in their gift shop for $48.99…..it seemed to be a man’s first and last name, unusual names…..can you help me figure it out?

    • Well I used to work at Beam, but haven’t in 4 years, so I’m kinda removed from their offerings…I know they have Old Tub there, but you said a man’s name. I would guess it being Jacob Beam perhaps. I’ll nose around and see what I can find out.

  7. I’ll be travelling up I-75 at the end of the week. Can you recommend a store where I can find a good/unusual selection of bourbon, that wont take me too far out of the way? Thanks, Scott

    • Party Source in Bellvue, KY (Which is basically Newport, KY. Just off I-71/across from Cincinnati. 95 Riviera Drive, Bellevue, KY 41073. Great selection….give yourself some time…you’ll need it!

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