Bourbon GIft Ideas For The Holidays

Bourbon Gift Ideas for the Holidays

It’s that time of year. Everybody’s on the look-out for some special bourbons on the shelves. Single Barrel offerings, barrel proof, maybe an old 1970’s bottle with the tax stamp on it hidden away buried deep in the bourbon spread at that little liquor store near your office that not that many bourbon fans go in to. A bottle of Pappy 23 lost in the Noah’s Mill line would be a darn good find.

But that bourbon fan of yours, or maybe just if you want some cool bourbon related items for that matter so here are some great places to find them. Some you’ll see are original pieces made right here in Kentucky from:
Jeff Irish hand crafts some of the coolest things made out of bourbon barrels. He makes full bars, and custom bourbon areas for restaurants and home bars, but he has some really cool pieces that he can mail ya anywhere you want to bourbon-ite your place.


Here are some book suggestions from me…I happen to know all these folks…we call ourselves, “Team Bourbon” back home here in Kentucky and we try and do book signings together when we can. They’re all available on and some on, but as in insider tip, check and see if the author has a personal facebook page or website, and you can probably order from them and get it signed…costs a little more, but why not right?

Bourbon Books
“Whiskey Woman – The Untold Story Of How Women Saved Bourbon, Scotch, and Irish Whiskey” by Fred Minnick
“Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey An American Heritage” by Michael Veach
“Bourbon Whiskey Our Native Spirit – Sour Mash & Sweet Adventures” by Bernie Lubbers
“Bourbon Straight” and “Bourbon Strange” by Charles Cowdery
“Kentucky Bourbon Country – The Essential Travel Guide” by Susan Reigler
“Kentucky Bourbon Cocktail Book” – by Joy Perirne & Susan Reigler
“The Kentucky Bourbon Cookbook” by Albert Schmid
“That’s Entertaining – with Tim Laird” by Tim Laird
“American Whiskey – Bourbon & Rye A Guide To The Nations Favorite Spirit” by Clay Risen
“But Always Fine Bourbon – “Pappy Van Winkle & The Story Of Old Fitzgerald” by Sally Van Winkle Campbell
“Handcrafted Cocktails” by Molly Wellmann – carries some awesome accessories for your bar, including silicone ice trays, julep cups, mule mugs, and an awesome selection of bitters, and more.

Spices and more all aged in Kentucky Bourbon Barrels. These are easily shipped, and you can smell and taste the bourbon in all these spices and products.

T-shirts and more all with bourbon theme, out of Louisville, KY.


Happy Shopping, and as always, Stay Bonded!

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