Some Bourbon Gift Suggestions

There’s always a time where you want to give the gift that keeps on giving and pouring, and that’s bourbon. Here’s a few quick suggestions for you, and to help you figure out what the person your giving it to likes, and what they might like from that. I call it finding someone’s Bourbon Common Denominator.

If someone you know likes Rum, then I’d suggest getting them a bottle of Wheated Bourbon like Old Fitzgerald, Larceny, or Maker’s Mark.  They are soft and sweet bourbon since it’s made with soft red winter wheat. Wheat bourbon also presents itself forward on the tongue, and being soft and sweet like rum, that would be a appreciated by a rum drinker.

If your friend drinks spiced rum (Cpt. Morgan) then I’d suggest a bourbon that’s nice and spicey like Fighting Cock bourbon, Elijah Craig 12 yr, Very Old Barton Bottled In Bond,  Jim Beam Devil’s Cut or Maker’s Mark 46. These are all spicey and just delicious. Try them with some ginger beer and a dash of aromatic bitters…awesome!

Are they a cognac drinker? Then I’d definately suggest Baker’s Bourbon. Baker’s is from high storage, and the mouth feel is totally different than other bourbons. It’s a slightly oily viscosity so it stays on your mouth a long time with a very long/sweet finish just like a cognac. Also try Baker’s on top of a couple scoops of mint chocolate chip ice cream… Just like a mint julep dessert – delish!

If someone enjoys Crown Royal or other Canadian Whisky, I’d suggest you can get them a bottle of Bernheim Wheat Whiskey.  Now it’s NOT rye based like Canadian, but it’s soft like Canadian, and pleasing to their pallet.  If you want rye content, then Basil Hayden’s since it has a high rye content, and nice and light at 80 proof. Four Roses might be a nice match here too for it’s high rye content.

Bernheim Wheat Whiskey also will be great for the person on your list that like Highland Single Malt Scotch, or Irish Whiskey fans.

It’s almost impossible to find Pappy Van Winkle bourbons anymore, so if you have a Pappy fan, they obviously like a wheat bourbon with a lot of wood influence, so I’d get them a bottle of Larceny wheated bourbon from Heaven Hill.  3/4 of the barrels are 12 years old, and the balance are 6 years old, and it’s a great alternative for Pappy, at a fraction of the price, and IN STOCK!  It’s only in 12 markets though, so hopefully you’re in one of those.

If your friend likes reposado/anjeo tequilas, then then like the vanilla notes imparted by the bourbon barrel, so Evan Williams Single Barrle is the ticket here. At 86.6 proof, not going to over power them, and still deliver the nice vanilla notes there.

And for the bourbon geek on your list, I’d suggest getting them a collection of BOTTLED IN BOND whiskies.  They’ll love it, and most of them are under $15.  A list of them and description is in the article on this site titled,  “Bottled In Bond”

Just a few suggestions for any holiday or birthday occassion. Hope it helps, and keep spreading the word and the Native Sirit of the U.S.!

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