Best Bourbons Under $30


Best bourbons under $30

I was asked by the DrinkWire team to compile a list of my favorite bourbons and American Whiskies under $30. What a great idea. When I turn people on to some great bourbons and American Whiskies people always ask, “but where do I find these? I don’t see them in my local stores.” I respond, “You all are always looking on the top shelves for your bourbon finds, but you gotta look DOWN. There’s a lot of diamonds in the rough down there on the lower shelves.”
Here’s my list; now go out and get ya some!

Evan Williams Vintage Single Barrel
$25 Single Barrel bourbon that’s between 8-10 years old – 86.6 Proof
the only vintage dated single barrel bourbon around, this smooth hand-picked bourbon has been named “whiskey of the year” 5 different times! Nuff Said.

Elijah Craig 12 year old
$25 Small Batch -12 year old – 94 proof
One of if the oldest age stated nationally distributed bourbons around. It’s not always about age, but you can’t deny that most distilleries would kill to have a 12 year old small release or highly allocated, and Heaven Hill produces one nationally and readily available!

Evan Williams 1783 Small Batch
$17 – Small Batch – 7 year old flavor profile; 86 Proof
no age statement, but they shoot for a 7 year flavor profile, and this one stood out at the World Whiskies Conference in New York at Whisky Live when the crowd of whisk(e)y writers/bloggers/experts blind tasted this whiskey against Elijah Craig 23 year old, and half the crowd thought that the Evan Williams 1783 was the $200 bottle of bourbon! I’d say this is worth a try at under $20.

Rittenhouse Rye – Bottled In Bond
$25 – Bottled in Bond – 100 Proof
The most sought after and allocated rye whiskey in the world, Rittenhouse is the darling of cocktail bars and consumers around the world. I just got back from Europe and everyone there wants more Rittenhouse too!

Fighting Cock
$20 – 6 years old – 103 Proof
Don’t pay attention to the name…it’s higher proof, but the 6 years in the barrel make this actually a smooth delightful bourbon. It was named Fighting Cock to go up against Wild Turkey.

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