4 Handwritten Recipes for Yeast from JW Dant dated 1890’s


This is amazing! It’s 4 recipes of Yeast, handwritten on JW Dant stationary from the 1890’s! From what I can decipher, I’ve written it out below. If you see something different than I, then feel free to comment and I’ll edit. My eyes aren’t as good as they used to be, and reading cursive isn’t my forte anymore! Where I can’t read it, I have put a _____ (?)

Thanks to John Dant who is a relative of J.W. Dant, and proprietor of The Back Door in the Mid City Mall in Louisville, KY, one of my favorite watering holes in the world. You can find me there most any Sunday or Monday night I’m in town. Enjoy!

Spontaneous Yeast
One bucket of hops boil well, on bucket crushed Barley Malt. Take 6 gallons of Boiling hop water _______ (?) this to 175 or 80 let stand about 20 minutes there cool back 160 then add one bucket of well sifted Rye meal and one quart of flour and one pint of corn meal. The corn meal must be scolded to ______ (?) which can be done under hop ____ (?) in a gallon ________ (?) . Cool this down and strain through a common sifter. Keep the liquor at a temperature of 88 or 90 and it will be ready for use in 10 or 20 hours. ____ (?) jug is desired.

Jug Yeast
Take 1.5 buckets hops boil ______ (?) 80 pounds of crushed barley malt to the six buckets of boiling hop water and mash well, then add enough hot water scolding up to 175 or 180 let stand 3 hours then draw it off, cool down to 76 or 79 and sit it with one quart of jug yeast and once quart of god spontaneous yeast. Then quantity mashed should make at least 12 gallons liquor showing from 25 to 30 per cent of sugar one ounce of salt to the gallon and work it down Eight per cent by sacherometer then jug it.

Night Yeast
One bucket of Hops boiled well take 80 pounds of ground barley malt mash with 10 buckets boiling water, then add 4 or 5 more buckets scolding up to 175 or 180 let stand one hour then cool down to 78 or 80 and set with one gallon of jug yeast, this quantity will work 200 __bushels__ (?) of grain.

Day Yeast
90 pounds Rye mean and 40 pounds barley malt mash with 12 Buckets of water, then add enough hot water scolding it up to 155 then cool down to 155 or 120 and put in your coal (?) water and set with just one half of your night yeast this is enoudh day yeast for 100 __bushels__ (?)

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  1. I think the last two blanks might be “bu” – bushels?

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